Districts is a pioneer in 3D Virtual Reality. This is due to the many benefits it brings to the advancement of Virtual Reality. Districts is a 3D virtual world platform that uses 3D Coin as its blockchain. The platform allows anyone to create a 3D virtual reality world with the provided tools.

This platform allows dreams to be realized using the latest blockchain avenue and decentralized applications within. Imagine yourself as a person immersed in a living universe that includes cars, houses and shops. These features allow users to see the world through their imaginations. Designing with Districts platform is possible outside of Districts. This allows for maximum exposure and lowest cost for businesses. Virtual Reality, particularly the Districts version, is a revolutionary technology. Here are some areas Districts platform can be helpful in:

Districts is redefining marketing by using the best principles that marketers may have overlooked. Virtual reality allows for business to feel immersed in every interaction. This includes real estate developers, car dealers, and even clothing shops. All of them will have the chance to present their products and any customizations in a lively, realistic way. These products can be displayed in public spaces, as well as in small shops and on the streets. The availability of attractive activities in every corner of the Districts will make customer acquisition easier and more affordable.

Online learning is a great way to reduce dropout rates. Research shows that less than 5 percent of students who enroll in online courses complete the curriculums. This can be attributed to the fact that students are not motivated by the traditional methods used. Students become bored and disengaged as a result. Virtual classes are the solution to this problem.

Students can take part in virtual classes that allow them to learn physics and to design their own rockets. The virtual reality package class is an amazing way to learn and it will bring an end to boring classes that lack spectacular scenes and interactive settings to teach students.

Districts are able to help architects build the house of their dreams by using the DVS tools. They can showcase their skills and talents on the platform to help others who are interested in professional work. Districts allows architects to design, furnish, and color the actual building. Customers can visit your virtual building (house, motel room) and see what it looks like without ever leaving their home. This makes it easy to convince them about your design. This platform rewards architects without tax. All revenue will be fully distributed to the rightful owners.

People with mental disabilities are often left without the right care. Districts can offer VR to help them feel more connected and caring. They can access virtual anonymity for support and therapy.

Districts allows users to design a customized space that can be used for many purposes, including friend gathering, watching movies together, playing arcade or card games, and even as a display gallery.

Districts uses Decentralization to be its primary element. This platform does not have a central authority. All content control is at the community’s hands through a voting system. All data except user-specific data will be stored on the 3DCoin Blockchain which does not only serve the crypto-currency.


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