The traditional computer has always been used to play games, and today there are computers specifically configured for this task. Unlike a normal PC, they have graphics cards, processors, and other elements that have little or nothing to envy the classic game console. Of course, if you are going to play online on a PC, you will need to know how to configure Windows so that everything works correctly.

And it is that Windows is a multipurpose operating system. So it can be used to work as well as to edit photos or videos, surf the web or play online. And for each task, we need to configure Windows to do its best. This way we will get the best possible gaming experience.

In addition, we will see how to configure Windows to play online with sufficient bandwidth.

Previous tips for playing online

There are several issues that we must keep in mind to play online without problems with the Internet connection. And it is that despite your contracted speed, some factors will make you obtain that speed or less.

  • To play online, try to connect your PC to the router via Ethernet.
  • If you are going to use WiFi, stand near the router. Further, more signal loss.
  • Use the WiFi Plus point of your router, faster than WiFi, just plain.
  • Try to disconnect all other devices from the Internet.

You will find more information on optimizing your WiFi in this link and on how to keep your Movistar Router in good condition in this other link.

Set Windows to Game Mode

If you have Windows 10, one of its features most focused on playing video games or playing online is  Game Mode. This mode allocates more resources to the game you have open and limits the rest of the applications and services in the background. So that is the first thing we are going to activate before configuring Windows to play online.

Thus,  computer and operating system will put all their effort to facilitate the work of the game you want to play. This affects all software and hardware resources, including the Internet connection.

Game Mode is activated with the Windows + G key combination. In addition to activating that feature of Windows 10, you will see a bar that will help you to take screenshots or videos during the game. From the gear icon, you can activate the option  Use game mode in this game.

Use faster DNS servers

In a previous article, I discussed how DNS servers influence the gaming experience. Both on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. By default, your connection’s DNS servers offer good overall performance. But if you want, you can choose other DNS servers, some of them specifically for playing online.

Luckily, you don’t need to configure Windows to make these changes. Also, here is a list of free DNS servers in case you are looking for alternatives.

  • Cloudflare is one of the most popular DNS services, especially because of its free server. Free, safe, fast, and stable. In addition, it provides its own applications to change the DNS on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac. Its DNS server adds WARP, which provides additional privacy and security.
  • OpenDNS has several types of DNS servers. For home users, it has two free modes. One for generic use with basic protection and another with blocking of adult content. Registering is free and, in return, you can configure your own filters on the servers it offers. Its DNS are and
  • Verisign also has a free DNS server. The DNS addresses it offers are and
  • Comodo Secure DNS  is the DNS service of the Comodo security firm. With the DNS addresses and, it provides free, fast, and secure servers.
  • Quad9  is a DNS service that is based in Switzerland. Their addresses are and Behind this service is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to combat ransomware, among other online security dangers.

Disable visual effects

All help is little to configure Windows so that it offers better behavior when playing online. One of those aspects has to do, precisely, with the visual effects that make  Windows look very nice, but that consume hardware resources.

In the configuration of the visual effect, we can choose a combination that is less visually attractive but behaves better in other aspects, such as playing online. Specifically, we search for “system. CPL” in the search box on the taskbar.

When we open it, we will see the System Properties window. In the Advanced Options tab, within  Performance, click on  Settings…. A new window will open that will allow us to choose the desired settings. Of the available options, we mark “Adjust for best performance”. Then we click on  Apply and, finally, on  OK.


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