The DNS server is not responding. It is a problem that we may encounter on occasion when we connect to the Internet to surf the web, check email, watch videos on  YouTube or Twitch,  or play online from our PC, smartphone,  PlayStation, or Xbox. What to do in these cases? How to set up a new working DNS server?

What we know as a  DNS server is one of the most important elements to be able to access the Internet. DNS is the acronym for  Domain Name System, in Spanish Domain Name System. Its purpose is to translate the names of the addresses we want to access. For us, it will be an alphabetical name, for the computers in charge of everything going well it will be a numerical IP address. A process that happens constantly in a matter of milliseconds and for which we have to do nothing.

But when the DNS server is not responding, everything gets complicated. As a consequence, we may not be able to open web pages or access online services such as YouTube, Netflix, Zoom, or WhatsApp. In practice, it is as if we do not have an  Internet connection. If we talk about gaming, if the DNS server does not respond we will have problems playing online or for something as simple as downloading games or updating them. But everything has a solution.

Try another browser or device

Let’s say we want to play Fortnite online from our PC. However, when launching the game we have problems accessing the game server. Is the internet down? Whatever the problem, the first thing we should do is check if the problem affects other applications, such as the web browser and/or other connected devices.

If the rest of the applications, browsers, or devices work correctly, we have already located the problem in the Fortnite launcher. If the problem affects all of them, maybe we should do something about it.

In the web browser is where we will most clearly identify the problem. If the DNS server does not respond, we will know it from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or from the browser you use to access web pages.

Solution: restart the router

In computers and electronic devices, we always aim to “turn off and on” as a solution to everything. And it is that although it seems silly,  turning an electronic device off and on again makes it correct internal problems, do some cleaning, and work normally.

The same happens with your  Movistar Router. It is designed to run smoothly 24 hours a day but may require to restart overtime to clean up processes and reconnect to the appropriate servers. This will avoid having to configure the DNS yourself.

Once the reboot has finished, you will be able to check if everything works correctly by looking at the lights of the Router and trying again to access the online game or Internet service that you wanted to use when you found the message “DNS server is not responding”.

Solution: change DNS

Normally, after restarting the problem app, game, or device, everything should resolve itself. If not, restarting the router also helps. If, however, we continue with the DNS server not responding, we will have to change DNS.

By default, Internet providers offer their own DNS servers. But optionally you can change the DNS server. There are paid ones and there are also free ones. In this article, I  listed several free DNS servers that will serve as an alternative if yours does not work or does not respond.

To change or configure DNS, you have several options. Although it is possible to change the DNS from Windows or macOS directly, it is more practical to make the change directly on the router, since this change will benefit all devices connected to the router via WiFi or Ethernet.


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