If all predictions for the twenty-first century were true, then we should have flying cars by now and robots performing household chores. It is difficult to predict which technological devices and gadgets will make a difference in our daily lives. Although the future predictions may not be 100% accurate, they can guide us and help us to identify which new gadgets will make an impact on our daily lives.

The trends of today, which include instantaneous communication everywhere and mobile access for e-mails, suggest that the future will be faster networks and better storage. Smartphones will have smaller, lighter and more affordable high-definition screens. They will also rival desktop PCs in terms of power and storage. Future gadgets will follow these trends:

The trend towards miniaturization is related to the creation and maintenance of smaller mechanical, optical and electronic devices and products. Because of the desire to be small and mobile, there is a tendency to make and manufacture smaller gadgets. It is more desirable to have smaller, lighter and more portable gadgets than larger, bulkier ones that take up more space. Because they are smaller and more portable, miniature gadgets are becoming increasingly popular.

Future trends in gadgets include innovative designs or a mix of traditional and futuristic design. There will be many simple gadgets that will keep you from getting overwhelmed by all the technology.

Touch screens are the coolest gadgets of today. They are found in mobile phones, mp4 player, GPS’s monitors, GPS’s as well as car mo3 radios, LCD TV’s, and PDA’s. Touch screens are very popular and easy to use. Future devices will continue to use them. Touch screens allow for the creation of cheaper, yet still attractive gadgets.

Without this small, powerful chip, electronic gadgets would not have been possible. The integrated circuit transformed machines from yesterday that used to take up an entire room into modern mainframes, minicomputers, and desktop PC’s.

Microchip technology is an essential part of the miniaturization process. It makes gadgets smaller, lighter, and more efficient. These tiny, powerful integrated circuits will be used in the future gadgets to make them fast and powerful. These devices are called hi technology or hi speed gadgets.

Future trends will include eco-friendly gadgets and products. People are more inclined to protect the environment and use eco-friendly gadgets. New gadgets are being designed to use less energy. Because it is non-toxic and free of harmful effects on the environment, solar power is the most popular source of energy.


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