Multi-industry start-ups are being more frequently taken over. To reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, many corporations have begun to associate with start-up vendors in order to lower their operating costs. There are specific industries that offer tech start-ups the opportunity to change the future.

Security is a fascinating category for investment. Cyber threats are increasing due to the advancements in technology through smartphones and Internet of Things. The connectivity has reached new heights across many platforms and devices. Cybercriminals have the potential to hack more easily. This has led to increased investments in security technology (mobile, desktops and data centers) by both businesses and consumers on multiple devices and connections.

The adoption of big data has seen significant growth. Big data, with its newly discovered vertical utility of big data across a range of industries is the next big thing. Massive computing data inputs from desktop and mobile combine to create data files. This data is used to analyze technical issues and provides insight into consumer behavior. Tech startups have the opportunity to use this data to create actionable solutions for consumers and businesses.

Tech start-ups have another area of opportunity: recovering stolen, corrupted or lost data. Assistance in the investigation of financial fraud and phishing cases is increasing in demand. These include criminal investigations and recovery of sensitive data from hacked networks and devices.

The technology is ready to allow for more advancements in virtual reality. Virtual reality is possible because of Moore’s Law and the improvement in hardware, powered by the mobile technology boom. It is a field that big names such as Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have already explored and are exploring. Start-ups must focus on creating beautiful, functional interfaces that improve smartphone behavior. With the rise of mobile work and worker collaboration, smartphones have seen increased usage. This has led to the rise of SaaS companies offering cloud-based business applications as well as networking solutions.

Recent changes in the demographics of customers have been a boon for businesses. This has led to a shift in the demographic towards younger people. This age group is more interested in different areas and has different habits than older users. Start-ups have the advantage of being able to offer unique solutions that are engaging and memorable to younger consumers.

Robotics and digital devices that automate normal work processes are gaining popularity. For automating inventory movement, automated guided vehicles will be highly sought after in the food, pharmaceuticals and warehousing industries. As the competition between tech start-ups intensifies, these new opportunities will result in increased innovation and better versions of products and service.


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