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Apple rakes in a record $97 billion as workers unionize for fair pay

The company says it's 'committed, as ever, to being a force for good in the world,' but for whom?

Mars’ sky gets a mysterious green aurora resembling a giant worm

Scientists struggle to explain a new Martian light show.

Webb telescope’s new dazzling photos prove it has perfect vision

It's aligned! It's aligned! It's aligned!

There’s no need to freak out over Elon Musk buying Twitter. He’s all hype.

Musk is a hype man who rarely ever delivers what he promises, so don't leave Twitter just yet.

How to change your name on Facebook

Facebook didn't keep its original name, and you don't have to either.

So, Snap made a camera drone

Called Pixy, this cute lil guy automatically sends footage to your Snapchat.

Amazon agrees to allow warehouse employees phone access permanently

"The phone ban isn't about our safety — it’s about their control."

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