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Realme launches the Watch 2 Pro with 2 more days of battery life and a larger display compared to the base model


After a week with the realme Watch 2 on the wrist, we tell you our opinion of this new sports watch that arrives polishing some aspects of the original that were somewhat loose and that aims to enter a segment in which the competition is very tough.

In recent months, very interesting sports bracelets or sports watches have been launched such as the queen of the market, the Mi Band 6 – analysis -, and the biggest opponent that the Xiaomi bracelet has right now, the Huawei Band 6 – analysis -.

realme is one of the most powerful multi-device companies today and in its wearables, it maintains the philosophy of its smartphones: good functions, successful design, and very attractive price. Last year they launched several watches and the cheapest, the Realme Watch, managed to attract attention, but did not stand out from the competition.

In this second generation, they have learned and refined some elements while adding features that users requested, and in this analysis of the realme Watch 2, we are going to put the device to the test .

Logical changes in a box that we already knew

Below 60 euros we have two predominant formats of sports bracelets. On the one hand, there is the Mi Band, with a very elongated screen that has been this way since the third generation. On the other, the Huawei Band with a rectangular screen.

From the first generation of the Realme Watch, the company opted for a square format that is, along with Huawei’s, the one I like the most because I find it the most comfortable when it comes to viewing notifications and app registration data.

The strap that comes with the Watch 2 is made of silicone and I found it a bit stiff, especially the first few days of use.

It doesn’t bother her, but she did feel a bit uncomfortable. Over the days the material has been giving of itself, but the good news is that it is a 22-millimeter pin, so you will be able to change this strap for any other compatible one.

The square format that looks great in everyday life

Although it has changed position concerning the first generation, the screen is the same, or very similar at least, to the one we saw in the previous generation.

It is a 1.4 “LCD panel in square format. It seems little, but it really isn’t bad and we will be able to see notifications, messages, and menus perfectly.

The resolution is 320 x 320 pixels with 323 pixels per inch, a really good figure especially in a device of this style.

Smooth performance with limited features on the watch and in the app

And if we see an improvement in the brightness, in the system there are also interesting, and important, news. Do not expect a total change in functions because you are going to find the same ones, but there is a notable improvement in the user experience.

The control is very simple, since everything is based on movements and, ultimately, a touch of the side button.

More than 90 sports on the mobile, since on the watch we can only have 10

In the sports section, we also have a notable advance compared to the first generation. And, of the 14 sports modes of the first Watch, we go to 90 sports.

We don’t need that many either, but it is clear that the 14 from last year fell very short.

In the clock we only have a few and, for example, we still have ‘cricket’ (I find it incredible that they continue to translate ‘cricket’ literally), yoga, soccer, outdoor running, cycling, or strength training (which is the one that ends turning into the mixed bag in the gym).

It is a list of 10 sports accessible from the watch, but from the mobile, we have the rest until we complete the 90s and you have to manually choose which one to put and remove from the Watch 2 list of 10.

It would have been nice if all of that was on the device itself, but hey, in the end for many of us it’s an initial setup that we won’t have to touch for weeks.

One week using all the functions at our fingertips

Autonomy is a crucial point in any device and quantifying bracelets, smart or whatever you want to call them, make a difference compared to most smartwatches, precisely because of their autonomy.

In this case, it actually promises me 12 days of autonomy, but it must be in a situation of very controlled use because I have not arrived. I have stayed for seven and a half days.

Now, I’m going to tell you how I have the Watch 2 configured :

  • 60% brightness at all times
  • Lift and activate
  • Gentle vibration for notifications (there is an intense mode)
  • Do not disturb mode at night
  • Heart rate monitoring every 5 minutes (the minimum you can select)
  • All phone notifications

I have done four sports sessions those days and it does not matter if you do one that uses GPS because, as it does not have integrated GPS, it uses that of the mobile and, in any case, the battery that is consumed in the phone.

I’ve also worn it to sleep and take about four manual blood oxygen measurements. By the way, this measurement is manual and I have always been above 95%, which is recommended.

Polishing the shortcomings of the previous model in a highly competitive market

We come to the end of the analysis of the realme Watch 2 and the conclusion is that the name is a bit big. And it is not a ‘watch’ but a quantifying bracelet with a square screen that has the same functions that we find in cheaper devices -Mi Band 6- and five euros more expensive -Band 6-.

That said, and although a short time has passed since the launch of the first model, it shows that it has really learned from the mistakes of the previous model and has improved some critical points such as the screen and its sensitivity, maximum brightness and, above all, centering the screen on the body.

We have more sports, a battery almost twice as large and, in short, a sports bracelet that is quite comfortable on a day-to-day basis due to its weight that makes you forget you are wearing it.

There are still details to improve such as dependence on the app (I would like, for example, to have all sports without having to add them from the application) and, above all, improve the panel from an LCD to an AMOLED, which would help consumption and visualization, but in general, if you like the realme ecosystem, it is a good option if you want a basic device to monitor your day.


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